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Martin Van Sickels has been in the process and engineering construction business for over forty years serving in a wide range of responsible roles.  Upon taking early retirement from KBR in late 2004, Martin formed MVS Consulting LLC where he serves as President.  Since its formation, MVS Consulting LLC has assisted many clients covering a broad range of services.


During a thirty year career with Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc. (KBR), Martin Van Sickels served in a wide range of managerial, technical and commercial assignments with particular emphasis on the management of technology.  As a member of the Executive Committee, he was, in his last position at KBR, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.  His duties in this position were worldwide responsibility for the management, marketing and development of all KBR proprietary and licensed technologies (chemicals, fertilizers, olefins, petroleum refining and coal gasification) and special execution technologies (LNG, GTL, gas processing and offshore technology).


Under Martin’s leadership Technology provided KBR a differentiation in both the domestic and international market place resulting in significant bottom line income from both license fees and resulting engineering and construction services.


Martin was responsible for all research and development programs within all of KBR’s product lines including Onshore, Offshore, Operations and Maintenance, and Infrastructure.  He led the development of a ranking methodology for all R&D activities to fully align them with KBR’s strategic and business plans.  He also was responsible for the KBR’s 67,000 sq. ft. R&D Center.  He was member of the Inquiry Review and Pricing Committees and Chairman of Technology Screening and Patent Committees.


Previous KBR positions and activities with legacy KBR companies were:

  • Served Kellogg Brown & Root Inc.: Vice President & Director – Technology Management (9/00 – 1/01)
  • Vice President – Technology Acquisition (10/98 - 8/00)
  • Led the development in 2000 of KBR’s Strategic Plan for FY2001 – 2005 and led the review of a partner’s technology operations which resulted in a major restructuring and accompanied cost savings.


The M. W. Kellogg Company:

  • Vice President & Managing Director – Technology Licensing Business, (8/95 - 10/98)
  • Vice President & Director of Technology Management (9/93 - 7/95)
  • Vice President & Director of Product Technology Marketing and Licensing (5/89 - 8/93)
  • Director of Proposals (4/88 - 5/89)
  • Vice President of KRW Energy Systems, Inc. - a Kellogg subsidiary (4/84 - 4/88)
  • Vice President - Proposals and Projects, Kellogg Rust Synfuels, Inc. (11/81 - 9/87)
  • Led client satisfaction surveys in 1992, 1994 and 1998 and help to develop company client satisfaction program which had a significant impact on company culture.


Rust International Company (former sister company to Kellogg)

  • Manager of Chemicals and Synthetic Fuels (sales and process engineering) (3/80 - 4/83)
  • Manager of Chemical Process Engineering Department (3/75 - 2/80); and Manager – Gas Technology Section (5/74 - 3/75).



  • J.F. Pritchard and Company (2/71 - 4/74): Process Manager and SNG Program Manager.

  • Haldor Topsoe, Inc. (8/67 – 1/71): Senior Process Engineer and Process Engineer.

  • The Chemical Construction Corporation (6/66 - 7/67): Process Engineer.

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