Creating PROFIT
from Technology Investments

Creating Profit from Technology

Are you getting the most out of your technology investment?  Whether you are a user or provider of technology, the successful management of technology within your business is a major key to its growth and profitability.  To achieve the optimum results, technology management must address not only the technical components of a product but also its operational and commercial aspects.


Owners of technology who do not presently license their technology should be asking questions such as: Should I now do so?  Can I make money at it?  What is the best way of going about licensing my technology?  Will licensing fit my corporate strategy?  What kind of organization will be required to build and to support a successful licensing effort?  What do I need to know about the international process industries market place?


Technology owners/providers who presently license their technology need to be able to answer the questions such as: Are we getting the optimum return on our licensing efforts?  Do we need to expand our technology portfolio? Do we have technologies that we should drop?  Are our license fees right? Are the technologies that we offer, or are developing, aligned with our corporate strategy?  Are we assessing correctly our investments in R&D?  Is the right organization supporting my licensing effort?


For a technology based start-up company, profitable successful commercialization and licensing of its technology is an absolute must.  Questions such as:  Have we realistically assessed the value of our technology, its market and what it going to take to achieve our goals?  Is our strategic direction clear? Do we have the right technology, marketing and sales organizations and development programs in place to achieve those goals?  Do we need to develop everything or can we more economically license supporting parts of technology?


Companies that need to acquire technology for their own use by purchase, development or license, technology should be asking questions such as:  Do we have a rigorous and balanced process to evaluate and select technology?  Have we quantified the risks and identified potential mitigations if needed. Have we provided a scope of work, for both the licensor and engineer, which delivers what we need?  Are the proposed license and engineering agreements fair and do they cover our needs?  Will the proposed technology transfer program meet our needs?  Can we develop, in a timely and cost effective manner, our own technology?


Need help in answering these questions and other related technology issues?

MVS Consulting LLC can bring to you the knowledge and the commercial experience of the application of a broad set of technology management skills e.g. ranging from R&D through marketing and selling that can assist you in finding the answers and in improving both your technical success and profitability. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we might help.


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